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How to use the 『MUGEN CONNECTOR』


MUGEN Connector is a very useful tool for joining surfaces together strongly and firmly without gap.
Just slide in for joining and slide out for disassembling. It’s easy to install. Fix the “connector base
” wherever you want to extend, and then you can make it extended by just connecting the other half to it. Made from tough fiberglass-reinforced nylon, suitable for use indoors or out. Composed of two halves joined with a symmetric spline. Each half mounts flush to the underside edge of the surfaces to be joined: the spline provides the interlock. The connector has a low-profile design with no sharp edges to catch material or scratch skin, and remains virtually hidden from view in most applications, when installed. Sprung tabs allow the spline to be removed quickly for disassembly.

Measures 8”x5-1/2”x1/2” or 204mm x144mm x14.5mm
Weighs 0.79 lb. or 360 g.

applicable to:
*extension or expansion of table, desk, shelf …
*creation of uniquely designed functional table or shelf.
*creation of put-away indoor or outdoor furniture.
*any structure that requires dividing, separating or expanding like georama for railway, sectional modeling for presentation & etc.
*jig for fixture.

Application points:
1. If the surfaces to be joined are not same in thickness, add or reduce the thickness where the “connector base” is to be fixed and then the joined top surfaces will become flush.

2. if the width is more or less 400mm (15.7”) and the extended length is about 150mm (5.9”), one connector alone can stand against the weight of about 15kgs. (33lb.). *With the board thickness more than 25mm (1”), if the connector base is fixed buried, say about 10mm (0.4”) deep, it will make the joining stronger.

3. If the width is more than 600mm (24”), one connector with two dowels on both sides or two connectors should be fixed with at least one supporting leg at the end of the extended board.

*a special way to fix the extending board that requires no legs:
fix one connector in the middle, and also fix two bars on both edge sides beneath the extending board with the bars sticking out in front about 150mm (6”). Then fix a “hook” on the sticking out bar about 30mm(1") from the edge of the board, fixed about 3mm below the top surface of the bar with the hook sticking out about 20mm (1”) to the side of the bar. L shape steel hook is recommended. Now fix a “hook receiver” on the back of the other board at a place where the “hook” comes when connected for interlocking. U shape steel is recommended for “hook receiver”. Now completed. *The length of the extending board depends on the length of the sticking out bars. In case of 150cm (6”), it can support the board of about 400mm (16”) in length. Decide it in consideration of the strength and stability of the whole.

Distributor sought:
Looking for a Distributor who can import MUGEN Connector and distribute it to appropriate markets that require it. Already highly appreciated by those in Hollywood Universal Studio and railway georama club & etc. and we want to have it exposed to more people who may require it but don't know it yet.
Please contact us through "".

Worldwide patented:
Japanese Patent No. 4148596
U.S.A. Patent No. 6,085,668
Europen Patent No. EP 1 055 380 B1


MUGEN Connector is introduced on DIY magazine in Japan as an excellent tool to make furniture simple to make and convenient to use.


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